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For over 31 years, insuring trucks has been our business at Burnett Insurance Corporation — our only business. We see things from the trucker’s perspective because we’ve been there ourselves.

Our experience gives us a special understanding for the unique challenges drivers face on the road today.  It's a unique insight into the business that keeps America moving and it translates into superior service for our customers.

Today Burnett Insurance serves clients in 12 states from our regional office in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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Professional Truck Driver Institute Honors Terry Burnett with Lee J. Crittenden Memorial Award

Organization's highest honor goes to long-time proponent of finding and training the professional truck drivers of tomorrow.

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FMCSA Field-Testing Wireless Roadside Inspection System

Safety regulators envision a time when they can automatically collect the information they need about trucks, drivers and carriers as the truck goes about its business on the highway.

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CSA Works and is Not Bias Against Small Carriers, FMCSA REport Concludes

Coming on the heels of a government-issued report saying the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability system’s scoring method is faulty and unfair for smaller carriers, the agency itself has released a study on CSA and its Safety Measurement System concluding the opposite: The system does work to identify carriers who pose the greatest crash risk, the agency says

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We are looking for an experienced Account Manager.

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Burnett Insurance Partners with Select International

Burnett Insurance has partnered with Select International in order to make RoadWorthy Assessment available to their customers.  Select International's extensive research in the area of driver safety and performance enabled them to develop an assessment that evaluates the driver's history and experience, personality characteristics, and motivational fit for the position.  RoadWorthy Assessment is extremely effective at identifying driver applicants with undesirable work habits.




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